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Project Versus J Scan 2 (DBZ, One Piece Game)

A new scan for the crossover game has been released. (Gaming, Project Versus J)

tayz  +   1085d ago
this game is gonna be beast! OP and DBZ! if they include Naruto and Bleach OMG!!
kingrj  +   1085d ago
They won't include naruto or bleach or else they would have said it from the start
tayz  +   1085d ago
says who? the game can't be ultimate like jump says if they don't include all their biggest mangas. Naruto is top dog :)
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1085d ago
They probably will include Naruto and Bleach. It's just that in Japan One Piece and DBZ are far more popular.
admiralvic  +   1085d ago
With both of them ending, they could be trying to get the ball rolling with Toriko. Another possibility is that this game is just another DON, though I really hope it's not.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1085d ago
I bet it be like the smash bros format. Bleach and Naruto probably wont end until 2014. Well i bet it depends on the sales for Bleach. Lately bleach sales been getting a lot better. I do hope they end soon though. Since Toriko and Hunter X Hunter can join the big 3.
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Gekko  +   1085d ago
Fingers crossed that this is similar to Battle Stadium D.O.N but it's a little hard to tell at the moment where they're going with this.
CLOUD1983  +   1084d ago
Oh plz... watching the horrible art of OP next to the GOD of shonen manga Akira Toriyama make me very sad.. T__T get it away! my poor sweet eyes r going to burn from this sacrilege..
shossofe  +   1084d ago
I'm sure they're very sorry for troubling you.

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