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Persona 4 Golden Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Atlus has done something great with Persona 4 Golden. They have added just enough to make it so that Persona 4 Golden feels like a more advanced version of the classic game by keeping everything that made the original game great and adding on to it with brand new features, stellar visual upgrades and gorgeous cutscenes which is wrapped around an engrossing story that takes place in a world so enthralling it will be hard to walk away from. Persona 4 Golden is easily the best game on the Vita right now and any Vita owner, nay anyone even remotely interested in RPGs, should not pass up Persona 4 Golden."

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LinkageAX1961d ago

10/10, really? Persona 4 is a 6/10 AT BEST.

futurefrog1961d ago

Wow this is good, but persona is shithouse LOL! sorry good review though

koga881961d ago

I absolutely adored this game back when it was on the PlayStation 2 and now that it is on the PlayStation Vita it has quickly become my most played game on the system and probably one of the main reasons that someone should actually buy a Vita.

ExCest1960d ago

I still need to buy it ;_;

INehalemEXI1960d ago

ima take your word for it , hasnt got a vita yet.

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