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Awesome One Piece Wall Decoration using Beads

Planning to add something geeky to your room like a wall poster of your favourite anime is probably too mainstream nowadays so Charlie made something that puts his talent to test, through the use of Beads. Yes! guys that awesome sprites you're seeing there hanging in the wall is made out of beads. If you're planning to make one as an added decoration to your room w/ your favorite anime then you might need to check a closer inspection of the straw hat crew.

According to Charlie he made it in few months time using the sprites of the DS Game One Piece: Gigant Battle 2. Probably he's bored like hell during his free time so instead of browsing image boards or play visual novels he crafted this awesome sprites of the crew. You might want to ask him the details of how he did if you're interested by visiting his blog. (Culture, One Piece)

ReconHope  +   1079d ago
yeah definitively bored to do that.

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