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Why Fist of the North Star Condoms are the manliest way to have safe sex

Ever wanted to have safe sex but thought that condoms were relatively emasculating? Well with Fist of the North Star condoms, you can engage in intercourse with your lover with all the strength of Ken’s raging fist without that raging fist of a penis impregnating or catching any sexually transmitted diseases. (Culture)

masterabbott  +   627d ago
perfect if you need to rage!
LinkageAX   627d ago | Immature | show | Replies(2)
Simon_Brezhnev  +   627d ago
Roah is the condom i need. Since he is like the biggest. LOL
futurefrog  +   627d ago
I can imagine you would need the biggest one Simon! ;) hahaha
TopDudeMan  +   626d ago
I'd be worried in case they made my head explode
ExCest  +   626d ago
If it keeps your Southern fist safe while you're popping head(s), then you are already thinking of buying a few thousand.
Godmars290  +   626d ago
"No need to put one on: I already came."
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Ginn  +   626d ago
Put one on and then...

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kenoh   626d ago | Spam
poo342947294792  +   626d ago
sailor moon gonna be happy tonight
Tzunoy  +   626d ago
You can widen someone's horizon like never before.
ReconHope  +   626d ago
wonder how much these would cost..
kingrj  +   626d ago
What a trashy story. Whoever wrote it is low grade. Not worth being on Anime4hinbun,imho
Lord_Sloth  +   626d ago
Oh get off your high horse. Condoms exist and now they sport anime characters so there's your anime connection.

Personally I find it kinda funny.
TwistedMetal  +   626d ago
You, are already orgasmed!
ovhaum  +   626d ago
girl: -OMG! again!! Hold a minute! Jezz, you're killing me!

me: -Hukuto Shinken Wa Muteki Da.

*BOOOM* dick explodes.
coaidant  +   622d ago

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