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Serial Experiments Lain BD+DVD Review [Anime News Network]

ANN writes: "Lain is ambitious, ambiguous, and fearlessly experimental to its last frame. It is a series that spurns all conventional narrative structure. Like the best of David Lynch—whose reign as Hollywood's prince of weird coincided, not coincidentally, with Lain's creation—it is not a story so much as a fever dream; a hallucinogenic jigsaw puzzle that no matter how you assemble it always has a few pieces missing and few left over; that looks like it should mean something, but never quite means what you think it does. It leaves itself open to dozens of interpretations, each as valid as the next. Every watching yields new theories, new thoughts, new meaning. It makes a merit of confusion."

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SynGamer1956d ago

Maybe I'll finally get around to watching this.

wishingW3L1955d ago

I've been thinking about watching this since the 90's and we are in 2012 and I still haven't seen it yet. XD

Lord_Sloth1955d ago

I have a confession to make....I've still not seen all of Cowboy Bebop.


rezzah1955d ago

I haven't started it yet.