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Namco Bandai Announces Line-Up for Jump Festa 2013

24 games from the Naruto, DBZ, and One Piece game publisher will be at the event in the form of playable games, videos, or information displays.

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tayz1949d ago

purely epic lineup! and naruto is the biggest and baddest game on there! a demo, toruny, and video... nobody else can match that!

Deadpool6161948d ago

Hmm...that's weird. Why are they showing Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale? That was released in Japan arcades Feb 2011. Could this game be getting a console port?

Simon_Brezhnev1948d ago

Namco must got an exclusive deal with Shounen Jump or something. I notice they like the only Japanese studio that make animes into games.

tayz1948d ago

lol yeah, they got NARUTO, DBZ, and ONE PIECE!They must be swimming in $$$. The only one thats missing is Bleach, I think Sony owns video games for that