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Submitted by Gekko 1148d ago | news

FUNimation Channel VOD launches on Optimum

Nothing like a bit of good news to end the week on, right? For all of those people subscribing to Optimum TV, you now have the option of subscribing to FUNimation's Video on Demand service. For $6.95/month, you'll have access to the following titles:

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost
Black Lagoon
Shakugan no Shana 2
Is This a Zombie?

Now, this service isn't for everyone. Video on Demand is often geared towards those who don't regularly buy items, and don't use other streaming services. It's a money maker for FUNi, because a great majority of the work (translating, dubbing, encoding) is already done for other platforms, and they just need to port it over. I would guess the answer is no, considering the fanbase at Japanator, but do any of you utilize Video on Demand on a regular basis? (Anime, Black Lagoon, FUNimation, Hellsing, Is this a Zombie?, Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, Optimum TV, Shakugan no Shana II)

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