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Sword Art Online’s Second Half Isn’t Quite as Brilliant as Its First | Kotaku

Richard Eisenbeis:

Earlier this year when Sword Art Online hit its halfway point, I called it the smartest anime I had seen in years because of its in-depth look at the long-term effects of being trapped in a virtual reality world. This last week Sword Art Online finished its run on Japanese TV. And while the second half of the series was still entertaining, it didn't quite manage to live up to the thematic highpoints of the first half. (Anime, Sword Art Online) -

iamlegend9999  +   860d ago
Told everyone. That second half was kind of dull. The first half of sword art online was beast. Second, dull.
Gregard  +   859d ago
First half was a bit better aye! But,the second half had one of the best fights ever! Vs General Eugene! I think I watched that fight 50 times! :)

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