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Submitted by Gekko 1136d ago | opinion piece

The List - 6 Drool-Worthy And Dangerous Librarians

Lynzee Lamb:

How was everyone's holiday? Did you get that hot new tech device that hit store shelves? I got a lot of much needed basics this year to set-up for my move next week. I'm meandering around right now about what to put in a box next since I've packed away my anime and manga collection. While doing so, I realized have zero bookshelves (anyone over at Shelf Life want to help me out with that?) which inevitably landed me on this week's topic of dangerous yet dashing librarians.

The sexy librarian is a character staple, but nothing's better than a bookworm that'll take you down intellectually and in combat. (Anime, Culture)

koga88  +   1137d ago
The lack of Victorique and Shiori invalidate this list entirely.

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