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3 threat letters discovered at Comiket 83

Shockingly despite banning all Kuroko’s Basketball doujinshi circles from the event, 3 death threat letters were discovered at the empty lot that was originally meant for Kuroko’s Basketball (the area can be seen in the image above) at Comiket 83.

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anime_swag_pro2002d ago

Thats really scary. I hope everything ends up okay and no one is hurt in any way.

koga882001d ago

This is ridiculous now, these people have to be copy cats at this point. It's bad enough that all these fans couldn't actually celebrate the series they like but now there are more freaking threat letters? They really need to try and do something to catch these damn people.

futurefrog2001d ago

I hope that they can look over security footage and catch the person who did it. I mean the Kurobas section was empty surely someone going in there would be obvious and easy to see

kingPoS2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Threats over doujin seem kinda weird to me to.

The closest analogy to that kind of scenario I can fathom are authors reciving bad reviews over character bastardizations or tacky & bad lemons.