Top 10 anime

10.Princess Monoke(Movie)

Plot Summary: While fighting to save his village from the attack of a demon-god, Ashitaka comes in contact with it and is inflicted with a deadly curse. In his search for a cure he is forced to leave his village forever and journey to the forest inhabited by animal gods. There he finds himself in the middle of a war between the forest gods and a village led by Lady Eboshi.

9. Evangelion 2.0: Break(Movie)

Plot Summary: Under constant attack by Angels, NERV introduces two new pilots: the mysterious Makinami Mari Illustrous and the intense Asuka Langley Shikinami. Parallel to the incursion, Gendo Ikari and SEELE proceed the secret project that involves both Rei and Shinji.

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Simon_Brezhnev1996d ago

I like your list except for Accel World. I say it turned to trash in the last arc. When Kuroyukihime stopped showing up i dropped the show.

yaz2881996d ago

"Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood"

great anime and definitely one of the best .. but I really think its overrated. (the last 20 eps. it was ok but felt wrong imo) even thought its surpass the old version in animation and quality but I really was annoyed how it dragged out till the end .. some fights shouldve ended right there but no ... lets give them another fight there .. no, not yet .. more .. and then no again .. and I just lost interest.

the old fma however was fucking amazing till the end! it was more mature and darker and had one of the most badass op ever (op4). the emotion were there and I watched bh first! and Bradly ending was simply amazing in the old version. also scar, greed..etc

the only thing I liked about bh was lust .. simply burning to death by mustang was one of the fucking best moment of the show!

Simon_Brezhnev1996d ago

You must be the only person i know that think the old fma was better than the new one. The old towards the end was an anime original ending. Brotherhood was faithful to the manga. Thats why they redid it.

After around episode 14 in FMA the show went downhill.

yaz2881996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

I solute them for they had made a better story than the one in the manga.
brotherhood sound more childish compare to it and much lighter and have strong shonen shit feel .. yeah always move forward, don't give up crap. and how they grouped our beloved characters in the end for one last stand awww... and the last op was just trying too hard to capture that shit that I wanted to puke. oh and everyone wins ( which is good thing)

scar died holding his ideal .. Bradly shocked his son to death .. mustang is the one who killed Winrys parents and the one who killed Bradly!... and Greed ends with ed was better than the one in bh and some eps were just more emotional and were better done in the old.

anyway, I enjoyed both and each have done things better than the other .. but the 2004 version is overall the best shit I have seen in while.

bh remined me of fate zero (My favorite anime this year) which also had dragged allot with its fights however it wasn't fucking 60 eps! ( how they maintained the show quality animation for 60 eps! .. nothing but respect to bonds)

I don't like that people actually like brotherhood more just because it sticked to the original source martial. (which is a good thing )

ZetsubouJ1996d ago

Who cares about the manga? An anime should be judged by it's writing, characters, pacing, and not by how faithful it was to the source material.

Also, there are plenty of people that think the original was superior to Brotherhood.

Simon_Brezhnev1996d ago

I didnt read FMA manga. I just can tell a lot of times when they go off on their on. Just like D.Gray-Man. Way too many animes did that last year. Blue Exorcist did that mess. Well sometimes i check to see if the manga is still going on. Then i know when it ends a certain way i know they did some original ending.

9 times out of 10 the original is always better. lol

animebreak1996d ago

Sorry but i will disagree with you on this one, i can give you a lot of examples, like hunter x hunter ....the 2011 version is much better, but back to FMA, your opinion is your opiion, mine is that brotherhood is better than the original :)

CrescentFang1996d ago

Another reason I would read the original manga before watching its anime. A lot of them stray from the original plot rather than keep it faithful to its source. Though pretty common for a monthly manga series to have its anime be different.

Simon_Brezhnev1995d ago

When i say original i mean like straight from manga and not that filler crap. I like both of Hunter X Hunter series.

animebreak1996d ago

Umm,you can be right of accel world, and about Brotherhood too, but i can say that brotherhood went high in this top for comic and humour, and for the action too.I see you aggree with HUNTER X HUNTER (2011) i want opinions about that please :),it was a hard choice i want to see if its a good one :X

ZetsubouJ1996d ago

Honestly, (And not trying to be mean) this list was kinda terrible... first off, you don't give any reasons for your choices. You don't explain what makes them great or what puts them above other titles in their genre.

Now I haven't seen everything on this list but judging from SAO and FMA:B taking the top two spots and EVA 2.22 (which is only 1/4 of a story) being on this list I can tell where your interest lie and that you're probably fairly young (like 22 if not younger) and don't have that much experience with anime.

The only pre-2000 animes you have are Cowboy Bebop and Princess Mononoke (both are very well known.) What about stuff like Utena, Kodocha, Porco Rosso, Outlaw Star, Big O, Escaflowne, His and Hers Circumstances, Lain, Card Captor Sakura and if your looking for newer how about Eden of the East, Madoka Magica, Gurren Lagann, Summer Wars, Nana, animes with superb character writing or well executed concepts?

Anime that bring something new to the table or put a new twist on old ideas, and not titles that are bogged down by tropes and genre formulas. Not saying that all of them on your list are, but there's much better out.

Once again, I'm not trying to be mean or harsh, it's just meant to be an honest critique.

ZetsubouJ1996d ago

I watched the first 15 episodes of Sword Art Online it was one of the worst animes I've ever seen. Can someone please (and I'm not kidding) explain why that anime is so popular?

DivineHand1251995d ago

Its clear that the author doesn't know what he/she is doing. This list was probably formed by going to rating sites too see what is rated highest combined with anime in very recent memory. This is obvious when you see a list of anime classics mixed with new series(How the hell did SAO get there).

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