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Strong Female Characters in Anime – Fights, Role Models and Homicidal Maniacs

Illogicalzen writes:

Very often in anime we focus on the cute girls, the younger sisters, and the love interests – these characters can be fascinating, but often those female characters that are very strong (in a multitude of ways) are left out. There are significant number of female characters are very powerful or strong, be it physically, psychologically or sexually. They can fall into the classic character traits of the Tsundere or Yandere, however their appeal and importance within anime goes further than simple characterisations. While shows with all female casts, such as Koihime Musuo, Sengoku Otome and Queen’s Blade have a significant number of female fighters; I will not explore them in this post. Strong female characters offer more interesting insights into ideas surrounding women in Japan when they appear in shows that are in part realistic. Although, horror anime, or anime with a strong element of horror produce some of the most interesting and enlightening female characters. We should also examine how these characters fit into the discourses surrounding women’s place in Japanese societ

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Simon_Brezhnev1965d ago

Koko Hekmatyar and Yuuko Ichihara are some of my favorite female characters in animes. There are some others when it comes to straight up fighting like Momoyo Kawakami. I like when a female character are overly powerful in fighting animes. lol

Illogicalzen1965d ago

This was a brief post, I am currently writing another, probably longer one looking at this whole idea in more depth, at least I hope it does. There are so many strong female characters out there that you just cant list them all and have to pick a select few for specific reasons though, otherwise the post would be a simple list of character names.

Simon_Brezhnev1965d ago

True lately other than Koko Hekmatyar i havent really liked a female character in a while. They all act the same moe or tsundere or both which is damn annoying now.