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Luke’s Winter 2013 Anime Picks

Luke Halliday writes:

"With the Winter 2013 anime season well and truly upon us, myself and Travis Bruno have decided to share our picks for this season. Of the many series slated to air this Winter, I find myself not seeing any obvious standouts. Instead I see a few good shows with potential. These are the series that I will be watching this season of anime"

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anime_swag_pro1993d ago

I want to see the upskirt boob one.

masterabbott1993d ago

totally agree with you on that one!

ManDemon1993d ago

Yay! Chihayafura. I know a few people that were worried it wouldn't receive a second season simply because they were afraid it wasn't popular enough, great to see it on the list.

futurefrog1993d ago

Yeah thank god right? An excellent and very underrated series

masterabbott1993d ago

Yah Tatsu-Maki-Senpu-kayaku is awesome!

yaz2881992d ago

one of my favorite anime of 2012. great news that it will have a second season but I have some low exception .. what is there to look forward to? the first season covered allot, its interesting to see what they will come up for next in this game beside what they already have done.