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Submitted by futurefrog 1055d ago | news

New Starter Pokemon revealed for Pokemon X and Y

During the Pokemon Direct conference in which Nintendo unveiled two new Pokemon titles called Pokemon X and Pokemon Y for the Nintendo 3DS console, they also revealed the 3 new starter Pokemon for the game. (Gaming, Pokemon X, Pokemon Y)

LinkageAX  +   1055d ago
Pokemon appear to be getting worse and worse visually each generation. Except second gen, they were god-tier.
futurefrog  +   1055d ago
holy fuck froakie is amazing i am in love with him
ZacE  +   1055d ago
Fennekin is too cute!
masterabbott  +   1055d ago
im gonna go with the frog one i think he will do the trick for me!
koga88  +   1055d ago
Damn... those starters are pretty shit honestly. The only good one is Fennekin so I already know which one I'm going to pick up when this is released. Fire pokemon all the way.
krazykombatant  +   1054d ago
fennekin looks retarded, so far thats 2 generations of pokemon with pretty crummy starters, feels like ages since there has been a good fire starter pokemon.
coaidant  +   1054d ago
No way Fennekin looks the best out of the three
krazykombatant  +   1054d ago
still all of the starters look subpar. Hopefully we can find a charmander in this game.

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