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Legendary Pokemon names revealed for Pokemon X and Y

The legendary Pokemon for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have named.

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koga881990d ago

Hm, well those are some odd names. They probably will swap the initials around with the games. At least that is what they did with the whole Pokemon White and Black legendaries.

anime_swag_pro1990d ago

Okay these new pokemon ideas from nintendo are just getting out of control.

masterabbott1990d ago

These name sound very weird, i dont like what they called them, but i have to say both of them look very cool!

ZacE1990d ago

They had to desperately find names beginning with X and Y, haha.

LinkageAX1990d ago

So Churrneyus and Yeh-veh-tol eh? Just saying the pronunciations in the article are wrong.

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