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Nisemonogatari Hanabee Australian Release Details

Nisemonogatari has been licensed by Hanabee over in Australia. Find out the details for the series release within.

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masterabbott1893d ago

Hanabee is starting to pick up some good anime!

Archaic1892d ago

Hmmmm. Sadly, from what's on their website currently, it seems like neither Bakemonogatari or Nisemonogatari will be getting Blu-ray releases here. That's disappointing. I've been holding off buying so many things simply because I don't want to get any more DVD's at this point in time.

ManDemon1892d ago

Maybe at some point both parts will be released together on Blu-Ray.

LinkageAX1892d ago

It is pretty sad, this is one that I'd like to see in glorious HD.

coaidant1892d ago

Finally something good for Australia!