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Anime Snubbed At The Oscars, Again

Hiroko Yamamura:

We were all pretty hyped to hear that some really fantastic anime films had made the Oscar short list for possible nominations. Well, you know what happens when you get your hopes up! Ghibli's lovely, From Up on Poppy Hill, as well as Imakake's, The Mystical Laws, were talked about as nominees for the Animated Feature Film category. Also, Otomo's short film, Combustible was considered for the Animated Short Film nominee. Personally, I can't figure out how The Mystical Laws made its way on this list.

Ill admit that it was a fantastic year for US animated films, such as, Wreck it Like Ralph and ParaNorman. However, I would love to see some love thrown anime's way soon. Heck, I'd love to see the Madoka films mixed up in there! Let's make some friends in the Oscar committee, and show them how amazing the world of anime truly is!

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Archaic1929d ago

Let's be honest, this isn't exactly very surprising. Unless these movies got translated very rapidly, it's not like the Oscar committee could really even understand what's being said.

Illogicalzen1929d ago

Considering the Oscar's have never really been about awarding the best films, directors, actors etc it is hardly surprising that anime is generally left off of its lists. In many respects you can see the Oscar that Spirited Away was awarded as their token gesture to this cultural medium. But you are unlikely to ever see a proper mixture of animation including anime at these awards unless something drastic is changed in Hollywood.

wishingW3L1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

what the hell is wrong with anime fans seriously? Have they watched so many bad anime these past years that they can't even tell the difference between good and bad anymore? I mean, Girls and Panzer for the Oscars? WTF?!!!

At least someone mentioned Wolf Children(2012) so that means there are still people outhere that know what good anime is. -__-

Simon_Brezhnev1928d ago

i dropped girls and panzer after the first episode.

Lord_Sloth1928d ago

I never pay attention to the Oscars anyway. They're just like the VGA; full of bias ignorance and people with bad taste.