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Nine Anime Characters Women Want As Lovers, A Notorious Thief And An Infamous Murderer Top The List

Master Blaster:

Fantasy’s a wonderful thing. With a little imagination things can be exactly the way you want it to be. Perhaps that’s why movies, animation, literature and more are so timelessly popular. They show us life the way it will never be.

The list makers over at Otome Sugoren who teach us that everything can boil down to 9 items, like party manners, otaku relationships, and inter-gender video game etiquette have compiled the nine characters from anime and manga that women wish they could be with in real life.

Now, I like me some whimsy as much as the next guy, but I’m left dumbfounded by the thought process that went into some of these choices.

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iChii1952d ago

I'm not a woman nor do I feel any attraction for men.. But I can assure you that any woman that watched Death Note LOVES either Kira or L (Mostly Kira) So...this list kinda lacks Kira.