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Touhou Kamuisai 7 cancelled in wake of direct threat letter

A threat letter received by the building hosting the Touhou Kamuisai 7 event has resulted in the event being cancelled.

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ManDemon1954d ago

So many threats. What is going on over there?

Archaic1953d ago

Oh bloody hell, another Kuroku's Basketball threat? Seriously, what is it with this person?

koga881953d ago

Nah from what I gather from the site, this was a threat made directly against the Touhou event, not Kuroko's Basketball. Meaning it is probably someone trying to copycat the Kuroko letters to see if they would cancel it, and they ended up cancelling it with only the one threat letter. I mean, safety takes precedent of course, but they seem to be giving in to these threats way too easily.

Archaic1951d ago

For many of these events, they simply would not be able to afford the security presence that'd be required to give adequate protection. Never the less....have any of these threats actually been acted upon? When the threats have been sent out at this volume, there's a point where they're going to have to just call the person's bluff.