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Luke Halliday writes:

"Waiting in the Summer otherwise known by its Japanese title of Ano Natsu de Matteru is an exquisite look at teenage life and all the feelings and experiences that accompany it. What is it about our teen years that cause them to stay with us, even while childhood and adulthood can become a blur? Why do we look back on that time with nostalgic eyes, whether the memories are good or bad? Perhaps it’s because there is no other time in life when a revolution takes place inside you, a time in which you change so dramatically both physically and mentally. We all spent youthful summers under a blistering sun, that revolution we all know, its universal. We’ve all been waiting in the summer, for something unforgettable."

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futurefrog1979d ago

This is an amazing anime, I personally loved it and agree exactly with this review and score to the completest level

masterabbott1979d ago

I might have to check this out as its getting some good reviews everywhere.

anime_swag_pro1979d ago

The animation looks pretty good.

futurefrog1979d ago

I agree with you anime_swag_pro

LinkageAX1979d ago

completely disagree with this, i fell asleep with this one.