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Oota Mashiko and Aoshima Takashi. If these names don’t sound familiar to you, this duo director and screenwriter have worked together many times in the past to bring you Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na: Crescent Love, Minami-ke (season 1), Mitsudomoe, and Yuruyuri. Naturally, I had to watch it to see what kind of humor the team would bring this time around, and boy did I enjoy this first episode.

I was caught off guard because this episode started off with such intensity and drama that I thought it was a totally different approach. The montage of scenes from birth to early elementary were really sweet moments, but I didn’t expect it to shift suddenly into depressing, dark scenes. Being shunned by her schoolmates and faculty was one thing, but getting the same treatment from her parents was worse. Hearing “I should never have given birth to you” by your own mother is such a brutal thing to hear. To a girl who loved her parents very much, this obviously devastated her and broke her inside. The scenes went by really quickly, but it wasn’t really a bother as it was getting straight to the main points. (Anime, Kotoura-san)

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