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Naruto Storm 3: Madara Scan! Fake or Legit?

A suspicious image in the format of a scan featuring the legendary shinobi and Leaf Village co-founder has surfaced.

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tayz1976d ago

if this is true.... OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! *goes into dream state*

*epic nosebleed*
*rainbow from mouth*
*pants wet*

maximus19851975d ago

ofcourse its true. ive been saying it since day 1. if theres a scan of full 9 tail mode naruto then madara HAS to be in the game because that version of naruto was after he met the real madara and left the 5 kage to fight him.

kingrj1976d ago

Wow! Let me finish that sentence for you. If this is true, we all can die happy!

tayz1976d ago

*comes back from dream*

BRO...BRO...BRO!!!!!!!!! You read my mind!!! Duuude and did you see MENMA AND JUTSU CLASHES!?!? holy freaking!! I'm scared this is too good to be true. Three HUGE things in one scan!?!

maximus19851975d ago

the hype level im feeling for this game is beyond anything ive ever felt before! real madara using his fire style, sharingan, susano, rinegan AND woodstyle! HOW ARE THEY GOING TO BALANCE HIM!!???

maximus19851975d ago

its absolutely real. the only surprise i see is menma and jutsu clash. can someone tell me if menma is other world naruto?

tayz1975d ago

the article got updated and its confirmed...fake *cry*

Jeenoman1975d ago

F the guy who made that print. Also F Adobe for making photoshop.