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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix localization teased

Jesse McCartney, the voice actor behind Roxas in the Kingdom Hearts series, posted an interesting image on Instagram today.

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Yi-Long1780d ago

... I just hope that they'll include an option for the original Japanese voices.

nadav1780d ago

LOL. Teasing a localization? Like there was even one KH title that didn't make it to the West....
Even the crappy ones are always localized.

Lavalamp1780d ago

The Final Mix titles never left Japan.

nadav1780d ago

Aren't the Final Mix titles just a patched version with extra content? These things are called DLC today and you don't need to waste your money and buy an entire game again to get them ;)

crxss1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

@Nadav firms will always release patched versions with extra content because people will buy them. they're not called DLC btw, they're called GOTY edition, Gold edition, etc

networkandy1780d ago

Let me know when KH3 will be release