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Live Action ‘Robotech’ Setting Up At Warner Bros.

Once or twice a year we hear something about the development of a live action Robotech film. With it being the start of 2013, it’s time to get the first one out of the way. According to Heat Vision, Robotech is getting set up more seriously over at Warner Bros. now with commercial director Nic Mathieu in negotiations to take the helm on the picture. The proposed live action film has been in the works in various stages since 2007 with plenty of false starts and hopeful intentions that never materialized. What may be changing it, particularly with Warner Bros., is the warm feelings that they’re getting from Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming Pacific Rim feature, which already has a script being prepped for a sequel. With that, we get giant monsters coming out from under the ocean through a rift from space there and mankind bringing in their own giant mecha. Now take said mecha, add in some Top Gun elements and throw it into space and you can see why it would rise up pretty quickly. As Holl...

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