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Submitted by OJSoFunky 1111d ago | image

Naruto Storm 3: Swimsuit Tsunade DLC

Namco Bandai Games has revealed one of the pre-order bonus downloadable content (DLC) costumes for EUROPE – Swimsuit Tsunade! At this time this is a European exclusive.

Namco Bandai has mentioned Europe’s DLC, aside from Goku Costume Naruto and Samurai Naruto, will be different from Japan. (Gaming, Namco Bandai Games, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3)

tayz  +   1112d ago
lol what is happening to this game. First Sakura and now Tsunade!?!
Yi-Long  +   1111d ago
Don't forget big-boobs Hinata!....
... I just hope the DLC will be free, instead of them milking (no Tsunade pun intended btw) us for extra money...

I loved that the former Naruto games had free DLC.

"Namco Bandai has mentioned Europe’s DLC, aside from Goku Costume Naruto and Samurai Naruto, will be different from Japan."

That's ridiculous. Everyone in the world should have the opportunity to get the complete experience! I HATE all that 'exclusive' stuff.

If they're selling an incomplete game, then I'm not buying it at full price. It's as simple as that, and that's how it has been for me all throughout this generation.
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badz149  +   1110d ago
a granny in swimsuit?
That is just sick!
kingPoS  +   1110d ago
Facepalm.... [Sigh]

That's not how I want to think of the Naruto cast when I watch the show.

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