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Sorry, But The Maoyuu Story Isn’t About the Characters

This fourth episode of Maoyuu mixes things up a bit. We have found ourselves focused on the economics and science of agriculture and trade. This week, we also find ourselves spending some time looking at the characters involved. The way it finishes, it tried in inject some character development and plot devices into the story. And it’s tried to do this in the previous episodes as well. While that’s typically a good thing in an anime, it’s not in this case here. To be blunt, this story has never been about the characters, their emotional development, and their growth as ‘people’. and should never be.

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CrescentFang1964d ago

It's an obligatory light novel to anime adaptation... It usually fails or is good. Most of the time they mess it up compared to the source material. For these kinds of adaptations I just wait until the show is done and see how it fairs...

koga881964d ago

Judging from what I've seen later on in the manga at least, the story does start to shift more towards the characters later on after the initial agriculture and information building occurs. The anime's moving at a decent pace as it's already introduced the Female Knight, though it looks like they are skipping nearly all of what the Hero is doing over in the Demon realm as the dragon princess was given the most generic forget-me-quickly design in the show.