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Believe It x2! My Renewed Interest in Naruto

"Ever find it funny how a manga series that you’ve ignored for a while comes back to get your attention once again? This just happens to be the case with yours truly and NARUTO. Are ninjas really that exotic to a Westerner like myself?"

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1970d ago

Madara vs Hashirama rematch? Naruto could go a few directions now that the 4 kages are back.

MangaTherapy1969d ago

Naruto vs. his father is another possibility. Good god that would be intense.

Simon_Brezhnev1969d ago

I still havent renewed my interest but you know its going to be Naruto vs his father. I'm seriously sick of Edo Tensei it ruined the whole war.

Zodiac1967d ago

I understand if you don't like Edo Tensei, but to say it ruined the war is absurd. Who would they be fighting without Edo Tensei bringing people back? It would just be a war with Zetsu lol.