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Anime of the Past: Devil Hunter Yohko

Oprainfall writes:

"Devil Hunter Yohko, also known as Mamono Hunter Yohko, is a six-part OVA first released in 1991, with the final part in 1995. It is widely known among anime trivia buffs for being the first VHS released by dearly departed anime licensor ADV Films. “At the time, no one in the US had seen anything like this,” ADV co-founder Matt Greenfield says in the first part’s commentary track. The basic plot – a typical 16-year-old girl goes to school by day and fights off demons by night – might suggest otherwise. The 1991 US release of the first OVA in the series, however, predates Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sailor Moon, two very different phenomena that Devil Hunter Yohko nonetheless has more than passing similarities with."

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