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Submitted by futurefrog 1030d ago | videocast

Shithouse Anime of 2012 - Anime Say! Episode 23

Welcome to Capsule Computers’ weekly anime segment, Anime Say! This week I reflect on the worst anime of 2012 and induct them into the prestigious Shithouse Hall of Fame. What made the cut? Watch on to find out. (Anime, Anime Say)

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koga88  +   1031d ago
Hm, pretty funny that he loved Accel World but hated Sword Art Online. The two are written by the same person but I do agree that SAO got really really bad the further along it went. Accel World was really stellar in my opinion as well.

Not too much to say about the others since I never watched em except for Arcana Famiglia and that series pretty much went absolutely nowhere. One giant 13 episode advertisement for the game.
futurefrog  +   1031d ago
Sword art online is truly a horrible anime series it deserves its place on this list.
ManDemon  +   1031d ago
Was surprised when it wasn't on the best list, guess I didn't really hear how it fell apart. Might just pass it up now.
MEsoJD  +   1030d ago
It's generic, but I thought it had good execution. This considering true shit animes I've seen like Infinite Stratos. Watch that and get back to me. :3
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1030d ago
Yeah Infinite Stratos is pretty bad but i think the worst anime i ever seen is probably Chaos;Head.It was so bad i couldnt stop watching it. LOL
anime_swag_pro  +   1031d ago
I like the monkey on your neck, but some of our shithouse picks were totally wrong.
discordman  +   1030d ago
Meh, Sword Art Online is good to me
futurefrog  +   1030d ago
are you for real man? what do you like about it
Kte  +   1030d ago
the hell did you hate about it?
yaz288  +   1030d ago
I swear, sword art online isn't as bad as people say. what the fuck did that show do to deserve all this hate? if it wasn't so popular I wouldn't understand and I can only agree that the second half is shit but the first was brilliant.

you can bullshit the story and everything but in the end its still a very decent show that is entertaining imo and is no where the worst of 2012.
MEsoJD  +   1030d ago
Yeah I think people either jumped on the hate bandwagon or haven't seen that much anime. Last anime I could understand the hate for was the last Eureka AO, Guilty Crown, Last Exile Fam whatever moe sellouts and Infinite Stratos.
DivineHand125  +   1030d ago
I think the people that like SAO are the ones that read the visual novel and is making that cloud their judgement for the anime, like shiny things, likes it because everyone else likes it or haven't seen that many anime to be able to tell what is good from what is not. I could go on forever about the problems SAO has but i will just name a few that are obvious problems that can pull a person who is watching it for a serious story out of the experience.

The pacing was going way too fast to establish good character development or a solid story, don't care about any of the characters that died since they were only present in the same episode they died in, we don't know why asuna and kirito love each other, we don't know anything about Asuna's past, characters were unrealisticly reserved where when the important moments happened they didn't act accordingly(why the hell did Asuna take her time to push that log out button), Kirito's HP dropped to zero, died and resurrected by using will power in a game? WTF ,how did asuna survive since she died before him?, we didn't get a reasonable motive why the guy trapped them in SAO and finally, why did they portray the original bad guy like he was not so bad in the end even though they didn't give a reasonable explanation of why he did what he did in the 1st place which caused thousands of people to lose their lives over a video game.
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   1030d ago
I'm sorry bout SAO is way better than Accel World. That one female ruined the whole show and made me drop it. Haru childhood friend i cant think of her name atm.
highlordviper  +   1027d ago
Wow everyone's baggin on SAO like it wasn't one the best romance story's of all time( and I hate romance) its funny that no one mentioned how there world parralels ours in the sense that most people are just trying to be happy and spend time with the ones they love yet the world around them constantly interferes. That's what makes it so great they literally fight the whole world to be together ( I wanna always be with you I'm given everything I have). Just saying :-P

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