Recommended Anime of January 2013

YoU: ''A few weeks delay of the post but now here we are. Wonder how you like the winter season, and how many series you have followed. We have some really good ones like Tamako Market, Chihayafuru and some of them even surprised us with a really attractive story like Kotoura-san. If you haven’t checked out the new series, jump to our preview guide for a detailed description of them. Also, we have a Poll for you to pick up your favorite series of 2012, don’t forget to send us your votes.

Apart from what we are going to recommend to you in the below list, we have quite a few short series this season, for instance, Yama no Susume (ヤマノススメ), which turns out to be quite promising despite the fact it has less than 5 minutes every episode.''

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