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Naruto Storm 3: Blood Included, ESRB Review

Fans have wanted more blood in the Storm series and it looks like CyberConnect2 is making those wishes come true. At least that’s according to the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) who reviews games to determine what age rating a game will get.

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tayz1935d ago

heck ya!!! i saw it was rated pegi 16 in UK

sporge19891935d ago

Awesome..more realistic anime style ^0^

tayz1935d ago

naruto the anime doesn't have more blood but this will make the game above the show!!!

OJSoFunky1935d ago

It does have blood sometimes, Like the Asuma vs Kakuzu fight

AznGaara1933d ago

The manga definitely has more blood than the anime. Not by much but still. For example when Kakashi killed Haku in the anime his hand stopped at Haku's chest, while in the manga Kakashi's whole arm went through Haku's body.

tayz1935d ago

OJSoFunky I meant to say it doesnt have much blood. There wasn't that much in Asuma vs kakuzu. They are usually like scratches, or a few blood lines on the face, or little drops. nothing like crazy.

KevPC1934d ago

i wish i could explore the world of naruto the way i can in ni no kuni. Just imagine walking through the villages and stuff.

Simon_Brezhnev1934d ago

Thats why i like Storm 1 the most. You could explore and reverse grabs and ultimate jutsus. Until they add that again im not touching Storm series again.