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A Certain Scientific Railgun English Cast Revealed and Previewed

FUNimation has revealed the full English cast list for their upcoming release, A Certain Scientific Railgun.

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koga881900d ago

Mmm, I am not liking the way Saten's voice actress sounds. Other than that, looks like the cast will retain the roles that they handled so well back in Index. Can't wait to pick this up in a couple months.

militissanctus1900d ago

I'd never even heard of this series before, but it looks interesting. I'll have to check it out.

ExCest1899d ago

It's the greatest show filled with nekked lolis you can find.

getsu1898d ago

Yeah, I don't see any Kanzaki so I'm out.

coolasj1898d ago

Lots of new names and some names that don't work exclusively for Funimation. Which is good, I wonder if they can recruit some of the better people.