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Why Shaft is My Favorite Anime Studio

Anime Viking writes:

Everyone probably has their own favorite anime studio for one reason or another.

Mine is Shaft, the studio that is both hated and loved for their unique approach to directing anime (thanks to Akiyuki Shinbou).

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ExCest1931d ago

I find Shaft to be the best animators as of now. Almost anything that Shaft releases is good and looks good, an extra sprinkle of awesome.

I think the "slideshow" style and the minimalism is what sets them apart and makes their shows readily recognizable from the masses of others, which makes the unique and what I find to be good-looking.

Marow1931d ago

Indeed, I agree with you. It's also quite fun to see how much they've grown (seeing how Hidamari Sketch evolved visually is fascinating).

futurefrog1931d ago

Shaft are awful, Madhouse is a truly brilliant anime studio. I can't think of a single Shaft anime I enjoyed.

Kur01931d ago

I like their unique art styles, just don't like some of their anime. Bakemonogatari, Arakawa, and Zetsubou are awesome though.