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Let’s Talk Spring 2013 Anime, Shall We?

Well, after trying out some new things with the season preview format, I have come to the conclusion that I should just leave that shit to the pros and go the lazy route. Judge everything solely by the chart, only focus on what I want to see, and nothing else. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I did do some actual research on the anime beforehand, unlike some people who I won’t name. Still, I can’t say the research has done much to clear up my initial impressions when I first took a look at the chart. (Mr. Flawfinder)

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1891d ago

srsly no Kuroko no basket season 2 yet?

karim1890d ago

Kindaichi and Dragon Ball Z, can't wait!

Simon_Brezhnev1890d ago

I wish they would do a Kindaichi remake.

karim1889d ago

I'm waiting for a full series sub..Only seen till the 50th episode (end of the french dub..)

Simon_Brezhnev1889d ago

I saw up to the 63rd episode. Some was some bad subs but i could figure out what they meant. Ive been telling people if there was no Kindaichi there would never be a Conan Kid.

karim1888d ago

If you understand french, there's a group called kfrfansub who are translating it..Think they finished episode 67 and translated the new OVA..It really is the best detective anime out there, do you know any similar to Kindaichi? (Please, no Conan)

gunnerforlife1890d ago

Does anyone have any ideas when season 2 guilty crown is coming out?

ExCest1890d ago

That show finished didn't it? I watched it and it more or less finished.

gaffyh1890d ago

Yep, the show finished the story completely.

rezzah1889d ago

There was an ova. If there is another season then it will likely be a prequel.

Simon_Brezhnev1890d ago

I'll probably drop more than half after the 1st 2 episodes.