This Is How You Can Watch Anime Legally in 2013

Justin: ''Consider this to be some sort of a spin-off post. Surely if anime and manga franchises have spin-offs, then I can surely write a spin-off too! But let’s just say this is targeted to the anime crowd, so only anime related places will be on the list. Why? Because reasons. This is basically where you can get your anime legally, and for the most part, for free. But watch as I change things up from how I did the old post that included these websites, and include some new stuff. Please feel free to voice your concerns about said places again (because of course we can do that) and new places, ask questions about the services (ex. How does Crunchyroll play on Xbox Live and PS3?), or whatever else you feel you have to say about them. Now, let’s get started!''

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SynGamer1949d ago

The first handful of sites on the list are really all people need. Realistically, Crunchyroll is perfect for people who don't mind subtitles. FUNimation Elite is a great substitute for those who want dubbing and don't mind waiting for newer titles to be licensed.

iWishTifaWasReal1948d ago

you got many things wrong.

first of, Crackle is available in Canada via PS3

2nd, Netflix has anime selections in Canada too

and 3rd, you forgot to mention some of these services like Crunchyroll needs subscription on some devices such as Ps3 and xbox.

frjoethesecond1948d ago

Also this is irrelevant unless you live in north America.

Saviior951948d ago

The only thing I use now is Funimations Youtube because of Crunchyroll doesn't have a huge selection of my genre :)

DivineHand1251948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

is the article thumb nail an actual anime series and if so, what is the name?

FamilyGuy1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

No idea, the art style with all the shading just makes it look too high quality to be a show. It might be from the same makers as ni no kuni, the long nose doll on the table and the character to the far right top corner both look like their from it's universe. Though that doll also looks like a pokemon and theirs a nintendo DS on the table too.

All that's certain is that it's from at least 2004 and up because of that DS.

Ryasha1948d ago

It's not an anime at all far as I can tell. It's just an original picture of an 'Anime Club' drawn in a style very similar to Studio Ghibli films.

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