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Why Do Bad Writers Become Popular?

Mr. Flawfinder looks at a few popular products that people have accused of being poorly written, and yet they're massively popular.

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frjoethesecond1942d ago

Because bad is subjective and more often than not the result of bad translation.

Neckbear1941d ago

Bad translation doesn't make a series as bad as SAO.

Simon_Brezhnev1942d ago

I wonder what anime he considers good.

Flawfinder1942d ago

I guess I'll reply to some comments on here.

Of the stuff I put on the post, I like Clannad alright (although I prefer the movie) and I love Miyazaki's stuff. Monogatari was alright at first, but it failed to hold up on repeat viewing. Happy Science can be fun at times. Everything else, I'm not a huge fan of.

Xof1941d ago


You haven't seen everything else.
Not even ****ing close.

Congratulations: you've just completely evaluated all of your opinions.

Flawfinder1941d ago

You obviously did not read my comment properly. I said "of the stuff I put on the post". And I have seen everything I put on there from Simoun to Sword Art Online to Deadman Wonerland.