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Break Out: Media Blasters nabs the first two SRW animes

Japanator writes: "For once, this isn't the type of Super Robot Wars news that I was looking forward to. But on the bright side, Media Blasters has rescued Super Robot Wars: Original Generation: The Animation and Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars from the depths of the dead licence scrap yard.

To those that have played the first two Super Robot Wars OG games, SRW OG: The Animation basically takes places right after the ending of the original second game for the Gameboy Advance. For what it was, I found it to be a bit enjoyable, since it was one of the first instances where Dygenguar used its Zankantou in glorious 2D. However, the OVA's story was retconned when Super Robot Wars: Original Generations and Original Generation Gaiden came into existence. That said, the OVA is still a neat "what if" situation that brings back most of the main cast from OG 2, so it still has some sort of value for SRW fans."

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