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Submitted by koga88 1081d ago | review

Tiger & Bunny Set 1 Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Tiger & Bunny is set in a world where certain humans have undergone a genetic mutation that has given them various superpowers. Those who have been given such powers have been called NEXT and while some try to hide their abilities, others use their powers for evil. Though for every evil there is a good and because of this, many NEXT users have become heroes to try and keep the citizens of Sternbild City safe from danger." (Anime, Tiger & Bunny) 8.5/10

LinkageAX  +   1081d ago
Been waiting for this one :D
masterabbott  +   1081d ago
same cant wait to watch this one.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1080d ago
I love the show but hate the ending. Not trying to spoil it i just wish they left it open. So that way we can get a season 2.
koga88  +   1080d ago
I thought it was left open ended though, that last twenty seconds or so reveal that there is much more to things regarding Ouroboros. I know they are supposed to be doing another not-recap movie later this year so that could lead to a season 2.
koga88  +   1081d ago
I checked out the English voice of Kotetsu and he does sound rather young for the role, but then I looked up the actor and the guy is over 50. Talk about a young voice for the guy, probably should have played a bit older of a voice though. Other than that I'm probably going to pick this up, but from the looks of it the Blu-ray version is the one to get.
Lavalamp  +   1080d ago
Isn't Kotetsu in his mid/late thirties? A younger voice from an older VA sounds like par for the course.
koga88  +   1080d ago
Thing is for the dub he sounds like he's the same age as Barnaby or only a couple of years older. Maybe it's just how the voice sounds a lot younger than the Japanese counterpart but it doesn't seem to match the late-30s hero that well.

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