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The Closest Anime Has Ever Gotten to a Proper Mystery Series: A Hyouka Retrospective

When people complain about Hyouka and how it’s a poor mystery anime, I think people need to step back and actually ask themselves one question: How many mystery anime have we seen that are actually good? Off the top of my head, Un-Go is great, but not because of the mysteries. I’m currently working through Mouryou no Hako and it’s a good mystery series (although it has some other problems). Higurashi…um…not really. Other than that, they’ve all been consistently terrible, from Gosick to Dusk Maiden of Amnesia to some Shonen Jump thing I can’t be arsed to remember the name of. And then Hyouka came along and suddenly everyone is thinking it’s the worst mystery series around. Um…how? (Mr. Flawfinder, Standing On My Neck)

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DivineHand1251880d ago

I couldn't be bothered to read that long essay in this article. Flawfinder strikes again. Hyouka is a boring series with mundane mysteries. I dropped it at episode around 5. I think Clase Closed/Detective conan is the best mystery series out there. It has relevant mysteries that keeps the audience engaged throughout each episode and has been running for a very long time, probably longer than one piece and naruto.

Flawfinder1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Since you didn't bother to read, let me summarize it for you:

Hyouka is a Shaft show if Shaft shows were actually good. The pointlessness in Hyouka is miles ahead of pointless meandering trash like Nisemonogatari.

Also, the strength in the series isn't so much the mysteries, but how they're used to create a bond between the main male and female. Simply put, it's the best romance series I've seen besides Maison Ikkoku. Except instead of romantic hijinks, the romance is formed through "mundane mysteries"

And I did mention Detective Conan in the article. Simply put, it's mysteries can be brilliant, but they're often extremely convoluted and don't make a lick of sense. Plus, that fucking length of the series brings it down a lot. Still decent though, especially when compared to other mystery anime with the only good one I've seen being Mouryou no Hako.

ExCest1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Woah why'd you bring Shaft here?

I think Shaft is good (Nise was just some fanservice offtotheside-dribble to progress the story and make time for the more important parts of Monogatari) Shaft shows are only meaningless if you've only watched Nise. Bake did have animation and relevant dialogue. It just was a very quiet show with abundant amounts of talking to explain the situation and foreshadow future events instead of throwing us an action scene.. The animation was different and designed to be minimalistic, hence the lack of everything. That's Shaft's main style: minimalism.

Now on the topic of the article/essay: I liked Hyouka. It came out exactly how it was supposed to be: a boring life with random mysteries that somehow make the show interesting. As for the romance part, I didn't really find any significant romance. It was minimal and really didn't progress anywhere, which I found to be a good thing. It was supposed to be a slow and irrelevant (besides the festival episode) mystery, not a romance.

Let's see, I don't think Dusk Maiden had anything going with it on mystery. Sure, it has the mystery genre but the whole show in itself was just an odd and "mysterious" romance. Or, at least it was to me.

I liked Gosick. I liked the mysteries. I actually thought they were more relevant than the mysteries in Hyouka simply because they progressed the main story whereas Hyouka had no progressing plot to begin with.

Lastly, I don't know what you meant by "Higurashi... um... not really." Was it bad? Was it not a good mystery-centered show (it's not supposed to be. It's a horror.)? That's just one thing I'd like you to clarify upon in your essay.

Flawfinder1878d ago

I brought Shaft in because I find it hypocritical that people think Hyouka is boring for being pointless then turn around and say Shaft is awesome. Particularly with Nise. Bake was better at it, but it kept going in directions I didn't find appealing.

Dusk Maiden...yeah I'm not going to touch on that.

Gosick is everything bad about mysteries and not even the animation and directing was good, hence why I don't like it. I'm not the biggest Bones fan, but I expected better than that.

I like Higurashi, but I wouldn't classify it as a good "mystery" series. Hence why I said "um...not really".