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Vividred Operation video game announced for the PS3

A scan from Dengeki PlayStation has revealed that Vividred Operation will be given a video game adaptation.

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koga881909d ago

Not too surprised by this actually. They made a Strike Witches game a long time ago back when that anime came out, but it was way overpriced apparently for a side-scrolling shooter. Wonder if this one will even be decent enough to keep an eye on.

Simon_Brezhnev1909d ago

Is the show good? I dropped it after the 1st episode. I was like this is strike witches all over again.

koga881909d ago

It is a bit better than Strike Withes in a few regards, such as more action and with less girls the show doesn't have to spread the focus too thin but yes, it is a lot of butt shots in short shorts just like Strike Witches.

pompombrum1909d ago

I got to episode 3 and tbh, strike witches was better.