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Bleach 528 Review "Bleach 528 manga chapter was recently released. The title of this chapter is “Everything But The Rain“. In this chapter, Ichigo was sent back by Ouetsu Nimaiya because he was not chosen by the Asauchi. Ichigo was not a 100% Shinigami! Aside from being a substitute Shinigami. He needs to go back to his roots. So who is really Ichigo?"

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1875d ago

damn ichigo and his mood swings took up near the entire chapter. But at least we get a flashback on isshin and masaki.

Im gonna guess that isshin's last name is shiba which is why Kaien resembles ichicgo.

Kurylo3d1875d ago

Kind of a pity there not doing the anime anymore. Though the side filler episodes were sOOOO boring!.

ApolloTheBoss1875d ago

They're gonna bring it back sooner or later. Do you really think they would miss out on animating a cash grab like this?

Simon_Brezhnev1875d ago

They will probably bring it back. You know like they did Inuyasha. Probably when the manga is in we will probably see an anime again.