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Top 5 Reasons Why Kirito Sucks Compared To Haseo | Capsule Computers

"Both Kirito and Haseo are characters from stories that involve MMORPGs (Sword Art Online and .hack//, respectively), but what makes these two particularly similar (and great for this type of list) is that they both have very similar characteristics and stories. For instance, both characters are black garbed, both have lost a loved one and both primarily use multiple weapons. There are a bunch of other similarities between the characters, but this is not a list about those.

This list chronicles why it is that Kirito sucks in comparison to the superior Haseo character. Read on to find out why that is." - Benjamin Webb, Capsule Computers

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koga881910d ago

Hm, despite playing through all of the .hack games I never actually watched the .hack//gu anime. Looks like I missed out on a decent bit of story that was expanded there though. Not going to lie, Haseo was always a great main character in the games, far better than Kirito ever could have been in the anime.

LinkageAX1910d ago

.hack//ROOTS was a lot better than //SIGN.

LinkageAX1908d ago

.hack//SIGN was depressing scene next to awkward scene next to depressing scene. It's a great series, but you can't argue that //ROOTS wasn't more varied.
Variety is the spice of life.