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Sunrise Robot Anime Valvrave the Liberator's 4th Ad Aired

The fourth television commercial for Sunrise's Valvrave the Liberator (Kakumeiki Valvrave) television anime series began airing in Japan early Friday morning. The new commercial features "Boku Janai," the anime's first ending theme song as performed by the duo Angela (Fafner, K, Asura Cryin')

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Hergula1872d ago

I for one am looking forward to this anime, as it looks fresh, well created and enjoyable.

Simon_Brezhnev1872d ago

I notice Sunrise always make at least one original mecha anime a year. lol.

I hope its good.

Hergula1866d ago

Haha, true. Well I believe that as long as the story holds up, and if there is enough character related drama, it will atleast be watchable.