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GJ-bu is the Best Anime of the Season

Anime Viking writes:

"Do not be scared by the seemingly dull premise of a single male character being stuck in a clubroom with pretty girls, because rest assured: this is no Haganai anything remotely similar.

GJ-bu is, without a doubt, my favorite anime of the season."

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Gekko1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I got the impression that the writer doesn't like Haganai very much which is a shame because it's easily the best anime this season hands-down but alas to each there own.

If I recall correctly, the main reason why ended up not picking GJ-bu up was due to there being no romance but after reading this I might just end up giving it an shot seeing as how I don't have anything to watch at the moment.

Marow1932d ago

The first season was mediocre, but NEXT is a vast improvement. It's just that it was a fitting anime to use as an comparison, considering how different it is from GJ-bu.

As for romance in GJ-bu... well, it's hinted at, but it's not really something important. At least not now.