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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods: Ultimate Gohan, New Screenshots, Scans

Super Saiyan Gohan has been replaced by Ultimate Gohan in the movie.

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tayz1904d ago

i wish they had both versions!! he could go Super Ultimate Gohan! That would be too cool

tayz1904d ago

wow this news got approved super quick. i never seen something get approved this quick on AS. it takes like 10 hours usually not 10 minute!

kingrj1904d ago

You have to wonder how much has changed since that trailer. It was surprising to see them change this after the already animated it

tayz1904d ago

with all of the plot holes in DBZ anything is possible lol. they should have made SS3 Goku have red hair or something or eyebrows!!

DarkBlood1904d ago

yeah had that gone through that would only fuel more fire to some people to try and legitmately connect it to DBGT

so a close one this was lol

Bahpomet---1904d ago

jesus christ do you all know that this ultimate super gohan is powerfull enough to defeat bills who needs ssg wdafak

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