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Review: Assassination Classroom Manga | Deremoe

Mr A: ''Sitting here in front of my PC, starting at wordpress trying to figure out what to write. Really, I just watched Family Guy and Walking Dead from commute, so I don’t have much to do when I am at home, except write. So I figured, I’ll write about a manga that I had found a while back. It’s fairly new, basing on the number of chapters we have so far. It’s translation title is called Assassin Classroom and it is created by the guy who also wrote Demon Detective Neuro Nōgami, which had an anime around 2007. Never watched it so I can’t comment about that.

So what’s Assassination Classroom? It’s about a classroom. And it’s about Assassinating something. The title pretty much explains it all. Just like those incest light novels with “imouto” somewhere in the title. But this isn’t about incest, or imouto for that matter. It’s about saving the world by having this class kill their homeroom teacher. Well, that would be easy right. You can just go and launch an attack with everyone and kill the teacher off. What could one teacher beat 20 or so people at the same time, right?''

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