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The Insightful Raving of Mephisto Pheles (Blue Exorcist)

If there is one character that is extremely hard to read and whose mindset continues to question his peers, it’s none other than Mephisto Pheles from Blue Exorcist. In the beginning of Chapter 44, the flamboyant demon decides to lecture readers about what makes human beings go. He talks about the three main desires of human beings: material desire, sexual desire, and more importantly, the desire of knowledge. Mephisto’s words highlight a time where information has become even more key to succeed.

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Simon_Brezhnev1863d ago

If it wasnt for Mephisto i would had been dropped this manga. It went downhill after that big poison fog arc.

MangaTherapy1862d ago

I do agree things were a bit slow. But yeah, I'm interested to see more of the Illumunati and Yukio's fight with his demon.

Simon_Brezhnev1861d ago

Yeah I like Yukio too everybody else i dont know what to say. It seems like since the anime came out the manga went downhill.

MangaTherapy1861d ago

Everything after the Impure King and before this chapter felt like filler. I did enjoy the Shima rock concert story, but that was it.