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Submitted by Gekko 1065d ago | opinion piece

Top 5 Greatest Mecha Anime

Anime Vice: ''We're burning with righteous energy and passion! Strap yourself in and prepare for a heat-blast of justice from our chest canon!'' (Culture)

Hergula  +   1065d ago
Already before reading it, I knew that I was going to disagree with the list... Yet I didnt ;).

As a huge Anime fan in general, Mecha anime tv series/movies have become one of my big loves and whenever a list is created, I just need to see that MSG is on-top as it is the Mother of all Mecha anime and deserves the NR1 spot every time.

Great read and a good list.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1064d ago
I would add Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector just for being the most action pack mecha.
Xof  +   1064d ago
The big three are Gundam, Macross and VOTOMs.

Those are requisite.
Saviior95  +   1064d ago
Hmmmm ... no Eureka Seven, I am disappointed.
1Victor  +   1063d ago
Z.O.E and the one were male and female are enemy @ war forgot the name also the one with the drills damn I forgot the name but you guys know the mech that used galaxies as ninja stars on the final fight
tarbis  +   1059d ago
No Mazinga Zeto??? Sacrilege!

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