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Anime Girl of the Week: Yazawa Niko (Love Live!)

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Some of you may or may not know that last week I started a new weekly feature here on Capsule Computers where I will select one anime girl from a currently airing anime series and put them in the spotlight by providing background information on the girl as well as various images consisting of fan art and official artwork."

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koga881858d ago

Hm, I wonder if they take suggestions for girls to pick or series to pick a girl from. I'm happy they gave Niko some love, though I kinda wish that they had picked the Rin girl instead. At least it looks like there are a multitude of songs available for those who like a specific "idol" girl besides the one that they provided.

militissanctus1858d ago

I've heard murmuring about Love Live! But haven't caught it yet. Interesting article that highlights a major character from the anime, and I got a better understanding of what the anime was about. Thanks!

EastMeetsWestEnt1858d ago

Niko Niko Ni...

I've honestly got to say this is one of my favourite animes of its season. The story, setting and its characters all come together to make a superb animr. Admitedly you do need to have a bit of WOTA in you to enjoy the anime to its fullest, but those who are new to idols shoul still enjoy it. The songs they perform within the anime are really good and are garunteed to bring a smile to your face. I'd definetly recommend it.

masterabbott1858d ago

Oh man Yazawa is so kawai .. <3!

futurefrog1858d ago