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The Best of the Best of Manga: Shonen Jump’s 20 Best Sellers of All-Time

Master Blaster: ''As anyone will tell you, Japan is home to many major manga “monthlies” and “weeklies,” and of course the can be bought virtually everywhere from convenience stores to train stations. Among these many titles, however, it is without a doubt that Weekly Shonen Jump reigns supreme.''

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Hergula1923d ago

A great read, not only that but it is good to know these things, inmo at least.

x5exotic1922d ago

The only good ones of these however are Death Note, Jojo's and Hunter x Hunter

gunnerforlife1922d ago

the only one that doesnt stray from what it actually is from beginning till end is Dragonball and one piece, the rest have all changed by its end! even naruto has started to change abit and doesnt hold its meaning that it had at the beginnning!

x5exotic1922d ago

One Piece went from adventure and world building with decent writing to DBZ-themed mindless action with bad writing.

DBZ went all pew-pew after the Saiyan arc (it was pew-pew during that arc but still it was aweomse then)

Hunter x Hunter didn't stray.
Jojo's is separated into many parts and generations so it has to be different, but it's always the same concept

Simon_Brezhnev1919d ago

You must dont read One Piece because all they do is adventure than action.

I could had sworn One Piece past Dragon Ball in best selling .

x5exotic1918d ago

That's what all fans claim, but no. After skypiea, it went all DBZ with Marineford and Enies. Nothing remotely adventurous about anything. Not to mention the terrible story that hit after Jaya

Simon_Brezhnev1918d ago

Funny how you dont mention that horrible chimera arc in Hunter X Hunter Gon went DBZ in that arc.

sich921918d ago

Le bubble count,

That was one, 5 panels of a chapter.
Not 700 chapters of DBZ-like with only a handful of sensible (yet still mediocre) action.

Not to mention that Gon didn't really go DBZ, he aged himself, which means he himself didn't beat Pitou, everything is explained in HxH, unlike One Piece, which, like Bleach and DBZ, just does the writing (and fighting) randomly. It's sad considering how much time Oda spends trying to "plan" ahead..hehe

Simon_Brezhnev1918d ago

LOL I like both One Piece and Hunter X Hunter they both had bad arcs. Chimera Arc was the weakest no matter how you spin it.

sich921917d ago

Unless we spin it to a writing point of view, or character development, or anyway we spin it, it's undisputably the best manga arc out there.

Best arcs in one piece are good-to-great and they are only 2. Nothing amazing or brilliant. The rest ranges from mediocre like Alabasta, little garden, arlong with generic fights, to absolutely horrible like Fishman Island, Punk Hazard, Davy Back, Enies Lobby's dbz fest, and the rest.

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